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Communicating with Planes: A Second World War Signal Book for Air Navigation

In February 1940 Britain was holding its breath. War against Germany had been declared the previous September, but no major military actions had occured on the Western front. Government and military preparations, however, were in high gear, and civilian rationing had been established just a month earlier. It was in this heightened atmosphere that this aviator's signal book was published by the United Kingdom's Air Ministry.

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Los Alamos to Princeton: Top Secret Manhattan Project Lectures

This book is rather unassuming - it bears the ownership signature of a Princeton student and looks like it could be any mid-century educational text in an inexpensive brown binder. But in fact, this is a rare and highly classified set of lectures printed for high-level employees of Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. How it came to be in the possession of a Princeton student a year before its contents were declassified is a fascinating story.

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Original Photos of the Pacific Theatre during the Second World War, including Nagasaki

Our most recent acquisition is an evocative collection of photographs documenting life in the Pacific fleet at the end of the Second World War, including the ruins of Nagasaki less than two months after the detonation of the atomic bomb.

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