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 Offprints & Pamphlets, April 2024
 19th-Century Science & Education, April 2024

 Recent Acquisitions, March 2024

 Books from the Library of Astronomer Allan Sandage, March 2024
Black and white photo of an avocet in a shallow body of water Ten books by bird photographer Emma Louise Turner, July 2023

 Firsts London full list and new stock only, May 2023

 Uncle Tungsten: Books from the Chemical Boyhood of Oliver Sacks, April 2023

Close-up of the top of the spine of a grey book with the title "A Girl Munition Worker" in gold and an image of a young woman pushing a bicycle and looking suspiciously behind her below the title. Women Munition Workers of the First World War, March 2023

Colour illustration of dark blue and yellow salamanders and brown water beetles underwater in a Victorian nature book. New Stock for Spring, March 2023

 Firsts London Book Fair, September 2022

  Insects & Arachnids, August 2022

 The New York Virtual Book Fair, May 2022

 The Chelsea Book Fair, April 2022

 Firsts Online, February 2022

 Reproduction: Sex, Embryology & Obstetrics, February 2022

 Women in Science, January 2022

Hardcover book bound in grey cloth with an Art Nouveau style yellow swallowtail butterfly decorating the cover. Christmas Gifts Under £500, December 2021

 Firsts London, October 2021 

Dinosaur Catalogue - Alembic rare Books Catalogue 2: Dinosaurs! October 2021

 From the Library of Sydney Brenner, April 2021

 Black Scientists, March 2021

Colour illustration of an underwater scene. Two pink and red seastars or starfish are on a rock, and sea plants are behind them. The California Virtual Book Fair, March 2021

 Firsts Online, December 2020

 The Boston Virtual Book Fair, November 2020

 The Climate Crisis (.pdf version), August 2020

 Aviation, January 2020

 New arrivals for the Chelsea Book Fair, November 2019.

 New arrivals for Firsts - London's Rare Book Fair and our full fair list for Firsts, June 2019.

  Catalogue 1. A Hunger of the Mind: Four Centuries of Women and Science with Deborah Coltham Rare Books, March, 2019.

 Christmas Gifts, December 2018

 New Arrivals for the Chelsea Book Fair, October 2018

 The Heavens, August 2018

 Recent Acquisitions for the Battersea Book Fair, May 2018

 Recent Acquisitions & Autumn Fairs, October 2017

 Flowers & Plants, March 2017

 Christmas Gifts, November 2016

 Recent Acquisitions, October 2016

 Recent Acquisitions, April 2016

 Women in Science, March 2016

 Christmas Gifts, November 2015

 Beautiful Science Books, October 2015