[Women's Social & Political Union] Reed, E. T.

Panko or Votes for Women

  • An attractive set of the uncommon, pro-Suffrage card game Panko: or Votes for Women.

    Panko was designed as a marketing tool by the Women’s Social and Political Union and illustrated by the well-known Punch cartoonist E. T. Reed. Released during the Christmas shopping season in 1909, it was advertised in WSPU publications as a fun gift: “Not only is each picture in itself an interesting memento, but the game produces intense excitement without the slightest taint of bitterness”. Panko was not the first or the only game depicting the struggle, but it was one of the most popular. “This translation of the women’s suffrage movement into card games, and also board games, helped bring the message of the cause into domestic circles where more overt forms of propaganda might not have been welcomed” (Duke University Libraries blog post, April 9, 2012).

    Based on the game rummy, players are divided into “suffragists” and “anti-suffragists”, with cards depicting Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragists heroically attacking a line of police, a suffragist being arrested, another in Holloway Gaol nobly refusing food, caricatures of anti-suffrage politicians, and The Law depicted as a woman in legal robes in the movement’s colours of green and purple.

  • ...The Great Card Game Suffragists v. Anti-Suffragists. 

    London: Peter Gurney, Ltd., c. 1909.

    48 card set in the original box with folded instruction sheet. Each card is illustrated with a lithograph depicting the suffragettes or their enemies in government and the police force, highlighted with red, green, and purple. The backs of the cards patterned in purple. The box with title printed in purple and illustrated on the back with a pasted-on card replicating one from the pack (not one of the cards from the set, this has no title or numbers and was produced specifically to decorate the box). The cards are in very nice condition with some light rubbing and occasional small spots. Some small chips, closed tears, and spots to the instruction sheet, and wear and fading of the box. Very good condition.

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