Willis, J. H. | The World's Time at a Glance. The Willis Indicator.

  • A delightful world time calculator produced by J. H. Willis & Company, probably during the 1930s to complement the world time clocks that the firm produced between 1929 and 1935. Operation is simple - the user simply turns the dial in the center to the current time for their location and the rest of the numbers line up to indicate the time at each location. Regions within the British Empire are indicated in red, and the half of the globe in darkness is denoted by the black hemisphere on the dial. The red portion of the dial indicates regions broadcasting evening radio programs.

  • London: Frank Pitchford & Co. Ltd. [for J. H. Willis and Company, Norwich, early 1930s]. Card world time time calculator (230 x 200 mm). Card printed in red and black, single wheel attached with metal stud. A little rubbing and some slightly discoloured spots, one corner bumped. Very good condition.