Wang, Chi Che | The Chemistry of Chinese Preserved Eggs and Chinese Edible Birds' Nests

  • A lovely copy of the rare offprint of the dissertation of Chinese-American biochemist and civic activist Chi Che Wang (1894 - 1979). WorldCat locates only one copy, in the Bibliothèque Nationale.

    “Wang received her bachelor’s degree from Wesley College in 1914 and came to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago, where she received a Master’s degree in chemistry in 1916 and a Ph.D. in nutrition and chemistry in 1918. Soon after her arrival, Chi Che helped found the Chicago Chinese Women’s Club, a group with which she remained active for a decade. After teaching for several years at the University of Chicago, she became a department head conducting medical research for Michael Reese Hospital. Due to the importance of her work, she was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1922.

    Between 1931 and 1940, Chi Che lived in Cincinnati where she researched children’s metabolism. In 1943, she accepted a position as assistant professor of physiology at the Northwestern University Medical School. In this position, she specialized in the study of nephrosis in children, and her research headquarters were at Children’s Memorial Hospital. She left Chicago to work for the Mayo Clinic, but returned several years later when she accepted a position with the Hines Veterans Administration Hospital. Among many civic efforts in which she participated, she provided clinical laboratory demonstrations for the Woman’s World’s Fair in Chicago.” (biography on the website of Chi Che Wang Park Advisory Council, Chicago).

    Wang’s research, “resulting in numerous publications, was on the chemistry of biological fluids, food products, energy, mineral and protein metabolism of obese and undernourished children and adults” (Ogilvie, Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science, p. 1345). She was a member of numerous professional organisations, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Society of Biological Chemists.

  • ...A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Ogden Graduate School of Science in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Chemistry. Private Edition, Distributed by the University of Chicago Libraries. Reprinted from the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. XLIX, No. 2, December, 1921. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Libraries, 1921.

    26 page pamphlet, wire-stitched. Original grey wrappers printed in black. Small pencil mark emphasising the author’s name. Edges of wrappers a little toned. An excellent, fresh copy.