(NASA) Steinberg, Florence S.

Aboard the Space Shuttle

  • First edition of this delightful and copiously illustrated book on life aboard the Space Shuttle for classrooms with older children. Published in 1980, the year before the first Shuttle flight, it describes and illustrates the interior of the vehicle and conditions on board. The topics include what happens during launch and landing, weightlessness, eating and drinking in orbit, sleeping, exercise, personal hygiene, maintaining a breathable atmosphere, space walks, and the payload bay’s manipulator arm. There are also brief discussions of Space Lab, a projected “Space Center” (like the ISS), and “mammoth solar power stations in far space” that could be built using the Shuttle. Of particular note are two photographs of Margaret Rhea Seddon, one of NASA’s first three female astronauts, demonstrating Shuttle food systems.

  • Washington D. C.: NASA, Division of Public Affairs, 1980.

    Duodecimo, 32 pages. Original colour wrappers, stapled. 2 folding illustrations, colour illustrations throughout the text. Very lightly rubbed with a few faint marks on the lower wrapper. Excellent condition.

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