(Mathematics) | Georgian era arithmetic workbook

  • A substantial early-19th century arithmetic workbook with several calligraphic headings featuring animals in the designs, in coloured ink.

    The contents of this workbook comprise lessons and exercises in advanced arithmetic, primarily multiplication, division, and the conversion of quantities. The contents are strongly mercantile in flavour, featuring problems such as “In 552 common pounds of silk how many great pounds”; “If I give 1£ 1s 8d for 3 lbs of coffee what must be given for 29 lbs & 1 oz”; and “What is the half years rent of 547 acres of land at 15s 6d per acre per anum”.

    The manuscript also features occasional overwriting in a different hand, with some entries dated 1820. These seem to be records of sales of wood and articles fashioned from it.

  • England, c. 1800-1820.

    84-leaf purpose-made blank book (200 x 165 mm). Original tan half skiver, waste paper marbled boards. Manuscript equations, notes, and calligraphic illustrations in coloured ink filling all 168 pages. Overwriting in a separate hand, dated 1820, on some pages. Spine rolled, boards worn, occasional smudges and spots to contents. Very good condition.