Lewis, William J.

Hair: Microscopically Examined and Medico-Legally Considered

  • A rare offprint on the emerging forensic science of hair and fiber analysis from the dawn of forensics. We can locate only two institutional copies, at Yale University and Trinity College, CT.

    The author, Dr. William A. Lewis, discusses some cases in which hair analysis affected the outcome of investigations, including several in which he was directly involved. He explains the differences between hair and other types of fiber, such as silk and cotton, that are often confused; discusses the structure and appearance of hair under the microscope; and explains how to differentiate hair from humans and different types of animals. Two plates depict samples under magnification and a chart of the sizes of different species’ hair is provided.

  • ...Read at the annual convention of the American Society of Microscopists, in Rochester, N.Y., Aug. 19th, 1884. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society.  Buffalo: for the author by Bigelow Brothers, 1884.

    Octavo. Original cream wrappers printed in black. 2 plates. Wrappers brittle and tanned, lower corner of upper wrapper creased. Very good condition.

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