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Stopes, Marie C. | The Human Body

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  • Seventh printing, originally published in 1926.

    The Human Body, by birth control advocate, paleontologist, and eugenicist Marie Stopes, is an illustrated introductory text to human anatomy and physiology, covering topics such as the breath and heartbeat, the muscles, the five senses, the brain and nervous system, and reproduction. The previous owner of the copy seems to have had a medical education, or to have been a well-informed amateur, as they have made a number of notes about the quality of the contents, for instance often adding scientific names missing from the diagrams. Most amusingly, they have labelled an illustration of the uterus and ovaries as simply “poor”, and written “clitoris???” next to another diagram from which this organ has been left off. Two very emphatic question marks have been left next to a passage describing the hymen as as membrane which “should be complete at the time of marriage and which should be broken only by the husband. This... is in harmony with the social tradition that a girl, like her husband, should not have played with her sex organs before she takes upon herself the very serious and important joys and responsibilities of sex life in marriage”.

  • London: Putnam & Co., Ltd., 1934.

    Octavo. Original purple cloth, title to spine gilt. 7 chromolithographic anatomical plates of which 2 are flaps on plate VII. Diagrams throughout the text. Cloth a little rubbed and marked with small white spots to the lower board.