History & Philosophy of Science

Tonelli, Giorgio | La Pensée Philosophique de Maupertuis

  • First edition, first impression. A very attractive copy in fresh condition.

    This important study analyses the philosophical milieu and influences of Maupertuis, “one of the greatest scientists and original thinkers of the 18th century. His contributions to mathematics (the Principle of Least Action), and his refutation of preformationist theories alone would have justified his pre-eminence. However, of particular interest was his study and interpretation of pedigrees of genetic traits, the application of the concept of probability to genetic problems, the introducing of experimental breeding as a means of studying the transmission of inherited traits in animals, and his proposed theories of inheritance, all ideas which were far ahead of their time” (Emery, “Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis )1698-1759)”, Journal of Medical Genetics 25, 1988).

  • ...son Milieu et ses Sources. Édition Posthume par Claudio Cesa. Hildesheim, Zürich & New York: Georg Olms, 1987.

    Quarto. Original tan and white boards with text in black and white. Minor bump to the lower corner. Excellent condition.