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Newton, Isaac. Alexandre Koyré, I. Bernard Cohen & Anne Whitman (ed.) | Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. The Third Edition (1726) with Variant Readings.

  • First printing of the definitive modern critical edition of Newton’s magnum opus, an uncommonly lovely and fresh set in the jackets.

    Co-editors I. Bernard Cohen (1914-2003) and Alexandre Koyré (1892-1964) were two of the leading figures in the development of the history of science during the 20th century.

    Koyré “was responsible for the transformation of the history of science from an antiquarian discipline, whose role was to chronicle gradual advances towards modern science, into one in which deep conceptual issues could be raised about the nature of space, time and matter, the role of experiment and theory, the role of scientific instruments, the place of mathematics in physical theory and so on” (Gaukroger, “Alexandre Koyré and the History of Science as a Species of the History of Philosophy” in Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science, 2018).

    Cohen received his bachelor of science in mathematics at Harvard in 1937 and “was among the first to enroll in Harvard's new Program in the History of Science and Learning when Dr. James B. Conant started it and the first, in 1947, to receive a Ph.D. in the history of science... After the war, he taught the history of scientific ideas and practices to graduate students and undergraduates, eventually seeing the subject elevated into a separate department” (New York Times obituary, June 28th, 2003). Cohen was renowned as a scholar of Newton, with this edition of the Principia and his 1999 English translation with Latinist Anne Whitman still considered the key scholarly editions.

  • ...Assembled and Edited by Alexandre Koyré and I. bernard Cohen with the assistance of Anne Whitman. [Together with] Introduction to Newton’s ‘Principia’. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1971 & 72.

    3 volumes, quarto. original black cloth, titles to spines in silver. With the dust jackets. Some faint spotting to the edges of the text blocks. The jacket to the introductory volume has a short closed tear at the head of the spine panel which has been repaired with tape on the verso, the spine panel is also faded and there are a few small ink marks on the upper panel. The jacket to volume I with some small abrasions at the head and tail of the spine panel. An excellent set in the fresh cloth.